Environmental Responsibility

Our primary resource is wheat coming from the Mother Earth. As we have all come to realise, Mother Earth has in recent years suffered intensely from the consequences of environmental pollution, a significant factor affecting the quality and price of grain.

For this reason, we have for many years now paid a great deal of attention to being environmentally friendly. As we believe that it is up to us to leave a healthy environment to our children where they can cultivate and harvest healthy food produce.

we have nonexistent waste of any kind. Indicatively, we even recycle the paper that may be left over from packaging materials.

We are continuing to this day to place great emphasis on implementing environmentally friendly innovative practices, such as:

The extermination of insects in selected cereals and flour under vacuum conditions, thus avoiding the use of chemical substances.

The use of the thermal insect extermination method in selected areas of the mill. We use heat instead of chemical pesticides, which prevents the development of insects in the production and storage areas.

The use of natural light-tubes in our warehouses, thus avoiding the use of artificial light and power consumption during the day.

Cooperation with recycling companies.

Continuous monitoring for pesticides or other substances in both the cereals and the flour that is finally produced.


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