Quality Control & Lab

As the high and consistent quality of our flour is a key feature of our philosophy, quality control is an essential part of our manufacturing process. We have one of the most sophisticated and modern Quality Control laboratories not only by Jordanian standards but also internationally. Our team of analysts is comprised of experienced food technologists and bakers who ensure that the final product is always of a high quality.

Quality control ensures that the flour has the best qualities while also carrying out analyses to determine that the grain is free of harmful toxins, pesticides or other harmful micro-organisms. This is accomplished through the special equipment at our disposal as well as our association with some of the best accredited laboratories for these types of tests.

Austere quality control codes are the prime goals that have conferred upon us the designation of being one of the leading flour mills in the region

SAFM is certified by SGS standards of quality ISO 14001:2004 & SGS HACCP



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