Kit Kat and Toffee


- 2 can ThicK Cream

- 2 powdered Cream Packs (36 gm each)

- 1/4 cup Cold Liquid Milk

- Cream Carmel(50 gm)

- 2 Packs of (Boudoir Biscuits) (Laby Fingers)

- Chocolate (Kit Kat) (grated)

- Toffee


- Mix the powdered cream with milk , till it forms foam ,and then add the thick cream, and cream caramel, mix well.

- Arrange the biscuits in dish ,cover with part of the toffee, then some the grated(Kit Kat), and then cover with the cream mixture.

- Repeat ,and end with the cream mixture as the top layer.

- Befor serving, decorate with toffee and grated (Kit Kat) chunks.

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