Semolina is the coarse, purified wheat middlings of durum wheat used in making pasta, breakfast cereals, puddings, and couscous. The term semolina is also used to designate coarse middlings from other varieties of wheat, and from other grains, such as rice and maize.

We have many kinds of Semolina such as Corse Semolina , Fine Semolina


Semolina is a material resulting from breakage I and II and containing endosperm with less starch rate and more gluten rate, its produced in different sizes:

Coarse semolina: Mostly used to produce Basbousa and harissa and fenugreek.

Fine Semolina: some call it soft (Farkha), its used in ma'moul and the different types of sweets.

Extra fine semolina (Farkha): which is used in ma'moul, halawat al jibn and bagel, where the percentage of the starch is high and gluten is less.

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